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A graduate of a renowned translation school (ISIT) and a professional translator since 2013, I  manage multilingual projects (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch).

I comply with the French Society of Translators code of ethics, thus translating into my mother tongue only and supervising my language partners works to provide high quality deliverables.


Often neglected, proofreading is an essential pillar of communication for all companies. Typos, grammatical, spelling or agreement errors, wobbly layout: leads shall not be mistaken, the quality of your content reflects your company's attention to details.

With an in-depth knowledge of the French language and expertise combined from more than a hundred proofreading projects, I will optimize your content to facilitate lead to client conversion.


Have you ever noticed that the length of a sentence depends on the language it is written in? On average, a French sentence is 20% longer than its English equivalent.

Obviously, this discrepancy shall affect the structure of your mock-ups. The Desktop Publishing service will save you valuable time by delivering ready to be printed or published documents.


Do you manage a multilingual site using a CMS but do not have time to spend translating and editing your content in foreign languages?

Consider leveraging WordPress amazing features by creating an "Author" profile to allow an external service provider to write and publish content on your website

Learn more about WordPress different roles here.


A text, whatever its nature (editorial, commercial, technical, etc.), has to be simple to read and meet the specific requirements of a targeted readership.

If you like to write, but feel that you are not reaching your audience or if you know how to address your readers but do not have a taste for writing, contact me to analyze how your content can be improved.


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The rate for a translation or proofreading works mainly depends on the number of counted words in the original (source) document.

Sometimes, additional factors need to be taken into account, such as the text stylistic complexity or technical complexity.

A mock-up price depends on the final document complexity and the methods used to obtain the desired layout.

CMS integration rate depends on the number of words to copy-paste in the Content Management System. If you ordered a translation, proofreading or copywriting work beforehand, price for CMS integration is 15% of said work.

In all cases, extra fees may be applied depending on the customer’s requirements.

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Translation of technical and commercial brochures, white papers and internal documentation

Philips Lighting

Translation of technical and commercial brochures, and internal documentation


Translation of website content, web articles, commercial brochures and internal documentation

Sea Shepherd

Volunteered translation of web articles

Some resources at your disposal...

You will find below some documents that may help you to better understand the world of professional translation or to deepen your knowledge on the subject.

You are free to share them for free, but not to edit their content.

I will try as much as possible to add content when available.

Enjoy your reading!

PS: at this time, the documents are available in French only. English version will soon be available.

Not convinced yet?

Calling on an freelance professional you do not know poses a risk. Hesitating before taking the plunge is only natural. This is why I am at your disposal to carry out a paid translation, proofreading or writing test.

Since luck favors the bold, use the form below to get a 10% discount on your first translation or proofreading project.

About me

A graduate of a major French Communication and Translation school (ISIT), I have been translating from English and Spanish into French since 2013.

I am fortunate to have clients ranging from small and medium-sized companies to large industry players.

I make it a point of honour to deliver high quality translations on time.

My watchword:


For more information, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.


Entrust your projects to an expert.

Continued language training, Computer Assisted Translation tools, editing and publishing software, customised project management tools, style and terminology guides…
I make every effort to guarantee your satisfaction.


Delegate in peace and quiet.

Need to translate a white paper of a few thousand words, several sales brochures or a whole website?
I take care of your entire project, from the translation and integration of your texts into your CMS to DTP of your documents.


A single point of contact for all your language projects.

Because your job is not to manage language projects, you need to rely on a dependable and available service provider who can respond to your requests as quickly as possible.
I am always ready to listen to your expectations and needs to deliver high quality works.

Over 7 years of experience:

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